Research & Certificate

Research & Certificate

Clean, sustainability make a better world for the next generation

Signet EV devotes itself to research eco-friendly electric energy charging systems for a cleaner and brighter future. These studies have been proved by patents and certificates, which are the result of the efforts of Signet EV.

SIGNET EV technology

We research to find more efficient charging solutions.

User oriented design

Front open type Slimline character design

makes better usability

By changing the airflow to cool the high temperature inside the charger from the side to the front, and applying the front opening and closing method, the space utilization when installing the charger and the efficiency of repairs have been improved.

User oriented design

Power cabinet system on power consumption

makes intelligent charging

The power cabinet system intelligently responds to the demand of charging vehicles and distributes power. In addition, it is easy to expand and move to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicles.

User oriented design

Signet distributed power sharing system

makes better usability

Reducing charging time and saving installation cost/site space.
High-efficiency charging method that achieves the effect of two units in one.

Evolution for the future city

Micro Grid charging Station

evolution for the future city

Micro Grid charging Station(Concept design)

Solar panels + ESS power bank + Charger / Dispenser