Slim type
25 kWh DC charger

Key features

· Slim and high voltage (also covers low voltage) type 25 kW fast charger
· 8” LCD touch screen display (Military grade with anti-scratch and UV protection)
· Multiple payment options (RFID, NFC, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay etc.)
· Supports OCPP 1.6 JSON over Web Sockets

Optional features

· Customizable user interface to maximize user experience
· Customer specialized contents support (CMS)

Product description

· SHFC25K is able to charge both today’s and next generation EVs with wide voltage range of 150 – 920 Vdc up to 25 kW. It is designed to be installed against the wall or pedestal with less construction work.

· Various plug configuration is available (single or dual type) from CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO